Inspired by the Leaf Art of Wife NYC, this is the leaf necklace in the Clouds and Ladders Botany Collection. Each one is made by hand and will show differences in shapes, just like a real leaf!


The design is the same on both sides (like stained glass) so you won't have an ugly back showing if your pendant flips over.


These are very light weight, about the same as a quarter.


Measures 1" diameter




Brass frame filled with hand-mixed, artsits' grade polymer clay.

Chain: Gold-filled which is non-tarnishing and won't turn your skin green. You have your choice of chain length at checkout, or to purchase only the pendant.


Clouds and Ladders jewelry is handmade in Kate Joseph's studio set in a redwood forest north of San Francisco. Each piece may show differences in color or texture, which should be considered a part of what makes owning a piece of handmade jewelry special and unique. Due to the handmade process and filling all orders on a first-come, first-served basis, some orders may take 2-3 weeks.

Leaf Necklace