This is a collection of one of a kind earrings that I made with inspiration from the marbled end papers of antique books. Each frame is painstakingly hand formed and soldered, then filled with artists' grade polymer clay, and finished with multiple steps of filing, sanding, and polishing, for Clouds and Ladders' trademark matte clay finish. Designs are visible on both the front and back of the earrings. 


All of these earrings are handmade, lightweight, and versatile!


When available, I’ve linked to where you can find made-to-order, custom colors of each design, as well as read the item's details.


1. Moon Button Earrings - available in custom colors here

2. Big Drop Earrings - $98

3. U-Drop Earrings - $88

4. Big Drop Earrings - $98

5. Doorway Earrings - $128

6. Moon Drop Earrings - $98

7. Drip Drop Earrings - $98

8. Oval Drop Earrings - $75



Soldered brass filled with hand-mixed, artists' grade polymer clay; surgical steel posts. Each earring is nickel-free and has a drop of resin on the back to prevent metal touching the ears of people with sensitive skin.


All Clouds and Ladders jewelry is handmade in Kate Joseph's studio set in a redwood forest north of San Francisco. Each piece may show differences in color or texture, which should be considered a part of what makes owning a piece of handmade jewelry special and unique. Due to the handmade process and filling all orders on a first-come, first-served basis, some orders may take 2-3 weeks.

One of a Kind Earrings Inspired by Marbling - Ready to Ship