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One of my dreams for Clouds + Ladders has been to make jewelry inspired by artwork for museum stores.

I was so excited when the Baltimore Museum of Art Store curated a collection of C+L jewelry to complement their Joan Mitchell exhibit earlier this year (That's me in front of one her dreamy paintings!)



Most recently I had the extreme honor of working with the buyer for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, who sent me a sneak preview of some Matisse works to be included in their upcoming exhibit.

Using a fabric in the background of Odalisque with Gray Culottes for inspiration, I created an earring design. I made each earring by hand, so each is slightly different.


The other jewelry that I made for the Matisse Exhibition Store for the PMA was chosen to coordinate with his bright and cheerful still life paintings.


You can shop the Matisse Collection HERE, where you have the option to pre-order a pair of the Matisse-inspired Drip Drop Earrings, which will be ready to ship October 1st.

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